VapourSynth Editor on Debian or Mint systems

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VapourSynth Editor is an useful editor for Vapoursynth.


-Syntax completion
-Preview functionality

Getting started:

Downloading the last sourcecode:

git clone
*Note you need git already installed
Installed required dependencies:

apt-get install qt5-make qt5-default libqt5gui5
finally, enter the directory:

cd vapoursynth-editor/pro

then compile:



Don't need to perform "make install" because the editor doesn't require installation.
At this time, you must have a new directory named release-64bit-gcc inside build directory, with the result of the compilation.

Launching the editor:

There are several forms to launch vsedit, but it depends if we set vapoursynth path globally for whole system or just for own user.

If you defined the vapoursynth path globally, you only need to double click vsedit and go to next configuration step, if not, you need to launch from a terminal that include Python and Lib vapoursynth's path.

In command line:



Whatever you chose, a new windows will appear, now we need to tell it where is located the vapoursynthpath:
and select: Path Tab, Press Apply and OK

Congratulations our editor is ready to work !!!


Failed to get pointer to the plugin Plugin1!

Happens when the enviroment variables of vapoursynth weren't started properly, or you didn't configure the enviroment variables globally

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