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What is Keepa?

 Keepa maintains price histories for all products on Amazon, the world’s largest and most trusted online merchant. Users can individually track the price development of products they are interested in, and Keepa will notify them when the price has reached a predetermined threshold. Besides this tracking feature, Keepa can also be used to browse the full range of Amazon goods, making use of the clear and well laid out Keepa interface as well as great money-saving search features such as Daily Drops

  What benefit me?

Its main advantage is the evolution of prices and be able to know if it is the right to buy or whether it is better to wait a few days time. Prices range from Amazon every day with strong increases or decreases.

What browsers are available?

Keepa is providing browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

  • ✜ Comprehensive price history graphs
  • ✜ Price Drop & Availability Alerts
  • ✜ eMail, Facebook, Twitter, Android App and RSS
  • ✜ Browser extensions - once installed the Keepa price history graph will be displayed directly on each Amazon product page
  • ✜ Compare Amazon Prices
  • ✜ Amazon Locales Support [ .com | | .de | | .fr | .ca | .cn | .it | .es | .in | ]
  • ✜ Registration Optional
  • ✜ Wish List Import
  • ✜ Deals, an overview of recent price drops

What is the official web site?

 Use this link.

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