Ublock Origin a fast advertisement blocker

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What is Ublock Origin?

It's an opensource free extension, it works Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Su objetivo es filtrar contenido incluyendo las molestas ADS.  

Another  ADS blocker?

Its founder emphasizes that not just a blocker ADS, but is a broad spectrum sunscreen, or what is the same, filter ADS, malware sites and most importantly for privacy web trackers.

What is the difference between Ublock and Ublock Origin?

Raymond Hill founder and proyect leader, .He withdrew its support Ublock claiming significant incompatibilities in the spirit of the project. We can find both on the extension site, but we must install Origin.

What are the advantages compared to other blockers?

As the first and most important it is that it is a lighter extension system resource usage and faster than the competition, being more complete and the performance is better than the rest. If all these advantages we add that adblock has been bought by an anonymous corporation, it is not a secret that some companies pay blockers to not filter their advertising, i can not imagin what will happen when one of this enterprises buy a advertisement blocker extension.

Overall performance:

CPU usage
Memory usage
How to whitelist a web site?

It's very easy,  click on Ublock icon, and press on the big power button, and its state will be remembered next time you visit the web site.

¿What is the official proyect site? 

Ublock Origin GitHub

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